Our state-of-the-art encapsulation equipment enables us to provide you with the highest degree of formula-potency and uniformity. For your production run, we have the latest in high-speed encapsulation machines designed to produce capsules to the most precise specifications. You can choose from either gelatin or vegetable-based hard-shell capsules in a variety of color choices to make your product stand out. How can we help you succeed? Contact us with your custom formula

Product Options

CP&M understands that today's consumer requires a large variety of choices in fulfilling their individual needs. CP&M offers our clients several production options, including organic, vegan, herbal, all-natural, soy and non-GMO.

Specializing in All-Natural:

CP&M specializes in all natural because we believe that only nature has more experience with vitamins and supplements, and we maintain the highest regard for the all-natural lifestyles. In this day and age so many more consumers are turning to all-natural products. They want natural options in food, drink, beauty, vitamins, and supplements. At CP&M our all-natural products are manufactured in our state-of-the art, GMP-certified facilities and are subject to strict quality control.

Organic: CP&M uses the highest quality organic sources. Our organic options contain no chemicals or pesticides and are manufactured in our GMP-certified facilities. As with all of our products, our organic choices are contaminant-free.

Vegan: CP&M supports Vegan lifestyle, with a healthy awareness of the growth in the vegan portion of our population. We are committed to using the highest-quality vegan supplements along with having a complete understanding of the stringent product requirements needed in the vegan market today.

Herbal: CP&M uses the highest quality herbal extracts. As a leading herbal manufacturer, CP&M ensures consistent Quality Control (QC) of all raw materials used in our herbal products.