Custom Capsule Manufacturing

Capsule Manufacturing

Salutations from our cutting-edge factory, where quality and precision collide in the production of bespoke capsules. Being a reputable supplement manufacturers in Utah, USA, we take great satisfaction in being a go-to partner for companies looking to provide their clients with custom supplements. We ensure that your goods not only meet but exceed industry standards by integrating our commitment to quality into every step of the capsule manufacturing process.

 Custom Capsule Manufacturing: 

Our proficiency in making customized capsules enables us to address the distinct requirements of the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and other businesses that depend on capsules as their favored mode of delivery. Since one size does not fit all, we offer customization choices that give you the freedom you need to match your unique needs. Every capsule we produce complies with both your planned formulation and regulatory requirements, starting with the selection of ingredients and ending with the encapsulating procedure.

 Capsule Manufacturing Process: 


 We concentrate on blending the active components in nutraceutical and other excipients during the initial step of our methodical procedure. This stage is essential to obtaining a homogeneous blend, which guarantees that the components are distributed uniformly throughout each capsule. Our dedication to exacting blends lays the groundwork for the caliber and coherence that characterize our capsules.


Encapsulation, the process's central step, involves precisely blending powder and filling empty capsule shells. Gelatin and vegetarian substitutes are two of the materials that can be used to make our capsules. This stage requires precision to guarantee consistent dosage and accuracy across all capsules. Our facility's encapsulation procedure is proof of our commitment to providing capsules that are up to the highest standards of quality.


After encapsulation, our capsules may be polished. During this rigorous process, any extra powder or defects on the surface of the capsules are removed. Polishing not only improves the capsules' overall appearance but also assures a clean, smooth finish. Our commitment to visual excellence is inextricably linked to our commitment to the efficacy of the supplements we provide.

Quality Test:

Quality testing is the final and perhaps most important stage. This process includes stringent testing to ensure the quality of our capsules. We look at things like,

Content consistency : Content uniformity guarantees that each capsule contains the correct amount of active substance.

Disintegration time: While disintegration and dissolution tests ensure that the capsules break down and dissolve within the time range provided.

Dissolution rate: An examination of the capsule contents rate of dissolving yields important information about their performance attributes.

Physical characteristics: Capsule integrity, size consistency, and color uniformity are examples of physical attribute tests.

These extensive quality tests ensure that our custom capsules meet regulatory requirements and maintain consistent quality throughout the manufacturing process.  

Our dedication to customization not only matches but surpasses, the unique needs of businesses that rely on capsules to transport various contents. Our customization choices ensure that each capsule matches flawlessly with your vision, whether it's pharmaceutical precision, nutraceutical efficacy, or any other particular necessity.

Finally, our commitment to precision, customization, and thorough quality testing distinguishes us as a leader among supplement manufacturers in Utah, USA. Partner with us to improve your supplement line, delivering capsules that not only meet but exceed your customers' expectations and industry regulatory standards.